Intern requirements & expectations

Robert Davis at Hudson Police Department

General expectations

  • You must be enrolled in Senior Seminar for either 1st or 2nd semester of senior year
  • Be willing to explore a variety of career interests in pursuit of the right internship site
  • In ALL your classes, be the student your teachers could recommend to participate in the program
  • Be completely up-to-date on your graduation requirements, so that you are able to leave school 3 weeks early to do an internship
  • Check your email daily for messages regarding the internship program
  • Maintain good attendance, with no more than 20 absences in any year-long class, 10 in semester-long classes.
  • Pass all classes, including electives, Physical Education, etc., for the semester/year as applicable.
Alex Lodi at Acton Real Estate
Becca Biscotti at Middlesex West Chamber of Commerce

Specific requirements

Rebecca Newman with the US Army Corps of Engineers