Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: the possibility of an internship program in 2021 is very uncertain, and fully dependent on circumstances around the Covid-19 pandemic. Contact Genevieve Hammond ( with questions.

How many hours/week do I work during the internship?

Interns are expected to work 25-30 hours/week during each of the three weeks of the internship. The schedule for their work will be determined in advance, during a meeting between intern & supervisor.

Are interns paid? Do internships lead to summer or other future jobs?

Our internships are not paid. There is no expectation of future work after the internship ends. The goal of the internship is to provide this one, 3-week learning experience. Nothing else is, or should be, expected.

What's the limit on the number of interns? There is no limit; the only limitations that might come up would have to do with the profession you might want to try - professions like medicine, especially psychiatry can be especially challenging, and other constraints can apply in corporate settings.

Can I work for my parents? It is possible to work in a family business, but we prefer that your learning experience include meeting and learning to work with people you don't already know well. On the other hand, if your parents can offer two internships, providing that kind of new opportunity for someone they don't know, we'd be happy to explore that plan.

Jill Fenniman at Minuteman ARC

Can I do an internship if I'm taking AP exams?

In general, yes. The AP exams begin on May 4, one week before the start of the internship period. Interns are excused from their internships for the tests themselves, and must then make up that time at the internship site. If you're taking 1 or 2 exams, this is quite easily accomplished; more than 2, and things can get complicated. It's something to discuss with Ms. Hammond and Mrs. Murphy.

What about Term 4 grades & final exams?

Because the senior internship takes place during the last three weeks of senior year (May 11-29), the interns have a shorter Term 4 than the rest of the seniors. Interns' Term 4 grades will be based on work completed between April 6 and May 8. All school work should be done by that point, and interns do not take final exams.

How do I know who my dean is (for the Internship application)?

If your counselor is Mr. Chicko, Ms. Chu, Ms. Gabel, Ms. Harris, or Ms. Rosenman, then your Dean of Students is Mr. Michael Csorba (

If your counselor is Ms. Clinton, Ms. Dandridge, Ms. Hagopian, Mr. Hitzrot, or Ms. Pawlowska, then your Dean of Students is Mr. Fred Hohn (